When planning your household, office or corporate relocation, you may choose between the following options:

  1. To hire packers and loaders from different companies. You may save some costs doing some operations yourself, but the risks are much higher than the benefits. The main problem is there is no clear assignment of responsibilities. If any item is damaged nobody knows who did that and at what stage of relocation.
  2. To hire a single company able to pack and move. This will save you from the mess and uncompensated losses.

Cool packers & movers company in Anaheim

Anaheim movers are able to pack and move properly. Their policy allows the clients to order the full services, when the moving company handles the whole relocation process. They are professionals so there is no reason to worry. You can trust us completely.

Professional packers and movers: what services do Anaheim movers offer?

Let’s make sure the range of our services is wide and comprehensive enough to entrust them the whole move. We offer the following options:

  • Packing. We provide our customers with all the necessary packing materials and tools: wrapping paper, stretch wrap, bubble wrap, wardrobe boxes, packing accessories, electronic boxes (we use them containers to pack monitors, computers etc.), heavy duty double walled boxes, moving blankets, pads, straps and the like. All the packaging materials are included into the cost of the move. Just make and order and you can be sure everything will be done at the highest level.
  • Unpacking.
  • Furniture disassembly. We always do this procedure before packing to get everything secured in the best way.
  • Reassembly. We get your furniture reassembled at a new location so you could start using it immediately.
  • Loading and unloading. We are also extremely gentle and careful when putting anything into or out of the truck.
  • Transporting. When hauling your goods, our drivers are concentrated on the road.

Local packers and mover: making an order

Anaheim movers have a simple feedback form on their website. It contains the fields for your contact info (name, phone number, email) and for the information about the move. Just note, what are the pick up and delivery addresses with zip codes, what is the move size and what is your target price (provide us with your quote).

Our manager will get back to you immediately, determine the trucks and guys quantity and estimate the costs.


Anaheim movers is a highly respected, trusted and reliable company near me in Anaheim, CA, so take the chance to  get the best full moving services ever.